High impact study skills workshops

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High impact study skills workshops.

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Helping schools boost student achievement, improve learning outcomes, and close achievement gaps.

Each year Elevate Education provides study skills workshops to over 1250 middle and high schools and 250,000 students. Drawing upon 15 years of research into the factors that drive student achievement, Elevate’s high impact workshops help schools improve student learning outcomes, boost results in state testing, close achievement gaps, and improve readiness for high school and college.

Elevate's award-winning combination of student workshops, faculty training, and acclaimed classroom resources help schools develop an integrated study skills curriculum that will engage students, foster critical thinking skills, and establish a culture for learning that communicates high expectations.

What people are saying

“It was great, enjoyable, and useful. 11/10. The most important thing I learned was how to organize my study time and how I should review notes regularly and keep track of them.”

- Juhan - Student, Stuyvesant High School

What people are saying

“I personally loved this presentation because these are things that I needed to hear. I have never been good with exams and using these tips I feel more positive about test taking…Thank you, you really helped me and I will definitely use these tips.”

- Nyasia - Student, Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts.

What people are saying

“I rate the program a 10 out of 10. It has really helped me. Elevate Education has helped me improve my grades and my study habits.”

- Victoria – Student, All Saints Catholic Academy

What people are saying

“The overall program was a 10 out of 10. It was able to set me up with a better chance, it motivated me to change my study habits and believe in myself.”

- Abell – Student, Achievement First University Prep High School Brooklyn

What people are saying

“Having Elevate come to Pennington was a great success. The presenter was personable and professional, connecting with our students and allowing each of them to buy into the process. In any presentation I have ever made, I never received all tens from my post-program evaluations. The presenter seemed to have no trouble in accomplishing that extraordinary result. Whether skills were brand new or a review, our students appreciated the program. Two months later, students continue to bring up their experience with Elevate and the faculty and I remind students of the skills and strategies taught in order to help individuals to become increasingly effective in what they do.”

- Todd Page – Head of Middle School, The Pennington School
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