High impact study skills workshops

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High impact study skills workshops.

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Helping schools boost student achievement, improve learning outcomes, and close achievement gaps.

Each year Elevate Education provides study skills workshops to over 1800 middle and high schools and 250,000 students. Drawing upon 18 years of research into the factors that drive student achievement, Elevate’s high impact workshops help schools improve student learning outcomes, boost results in state testing, close achievement gaps, and improve readiness for high school and college.

Elevate's award-winning combination of student workshops, faculty training, and acclaimed classroom resources help schools develop an integrated study skills curriculum that will engage students, foster critical thinking skills, and establish a culture for learning that communicates high expectations.

What people are saying

"Elevate would be rated a 10/10. This was the most engaging, energetic workshop that taught me a lot that I can use for the rest of high school and college. I learned how to use all the skills I learned these past 4 days and really put them together to answer a question. This was fantastic!“

- Student, Leigh High School, CA

What people are saying

“I would rate this program a 10 out of 10 because I like how funny it is and how cool it is. The most important thing I learned is how to remember stuff when I study. I appreciate this program please keep it up. I am so happy about this program, it’s too funny and entertaining!”

- Fatime, 5th grade student, PS 101

What people are saying

“This program is a great program. It was entertaining yet informal. I had fun. I learned a lot about myself and how I study. I will definitely be using this. The most important thing I learned today is managing my time. I am a huge procrastinator and this helped. I’ll definitely be looking up the apps”

- Marasia, 11th grade student, Bronx High School for Writing & Communication Arts

What people are saying

"I would rate the program a 10 because it was actually very helpful. I have bad memory and the new things I learned today can help me. Even though I am in AP classes I never learned these note taking and study skills until this program. The most important thing I learned today was the 7 steps of exam preparation. It is good the way it is do not change it"

- Tova, 12th grade student, High School for Service and Learning

What people are saying

"I think it is a very good program that would certainly help students in attaining outstanding grades that would get them into reputable colleges. Excellent presentation."

- Teacher, Bronx Health Sciences High School
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