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What people are saying

Definitely a 5 out of 5, showed me things about studying I did not know. Very useful and helpful format.

- Sean - Student, Queens High School for Sciences at York College

What people are saying

“Having Elevate come to Pennington was a great success. The presenter was personable and professional, connecting with our students and allowing each of them to buy into the process. In any presentation I have ever made, I never received all tens from my post-program evaluations. The presenter seemed to have no trouble in accomplishing that extraordinary result. Whether skills were brand new or a review, our students appreciated the program."

- Todd Paige - Head of Middle School, The Pennington School

What people are saying

Great job, really liked it, and actually had fun! This will really help me do better with my grades.

- Natasha - Student, Rutgers Preparatory school

What people are saying

Now I understand perfectly how to take notes. I really hope I get to do this program again I really like it…I don’t know what I would do without this program it really helps me a lot

- Ayanna - Student, St Aloysius Academy

What people are saying

Very good – Rob was very enthusiastic. Very knowledgeable presenting program!

- Carol - Teacher, St John the Apostle School
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