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One of the reasons that students under-perform in high school is because they have poor study skills.  As the workload increases and pressure mounts, students are left ill-equipped to tackle the years ahead. How do they manage competing priorities, complete all assignments while keeping stress at bay? How do they remember complex information, while battling a constant stream of distractions? These are just a few of the questions addressed by Elevate's expert study coaches who work with your child to implement the skills and techniques that have worked for millions of students around the world.   


Start with a FREE study skills diagnostic of your child

An expert coach conducts a 60-minute audit of your child’s study processes.
This information is put in a report that details your child’s exact strengths and weaknesses and identifies the opportunities for fast improvement .
The diagnostic is completely obligation free.

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What parents are saying

"It is much more work than he is used to but he seems to be quite keen to rise to the challenge and for the first time in my life I found him in his room studying on both Saturday and Sunday."


What students are saying

"The direct application of these rules means that the whole program is rewarding almost instantaneously. It’s actually motivating!"

- Student, Presbyterian Ladies’ College

What parents are saying

“We thought it was excellent. It addressed a lot of the “issues” that we had concerns about….”

- Kate, Parent
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