Faculty Seminar

Key skills. Research. Best practice.

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Faculty Seminar

Key skills. Research. Best practice.

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Integrating study skills techniques school wide

Each student session is paired with a faculty training session. This means that all teachers are aware of the skills taught to their students and are equipped with activities to embed into the curriculum. 

Faculty Seminars

Integrating Elevate’s program into the classroom.

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About our research
and what we have learned.

Elevate began with a simple question: what do students do to get top grades? Rejecting the outdated 'IQ' explanation, Elevate embarked on a mission to find out the real ingredients of academic success.

The research began by surveying thousands of past high school students.  This quantitative data provided insight into the key areas of study that separate top students from middle and lower performing students.

The research then went further conducting in depth interviews to nuance the details regarding how students approached the day-to-day of study. How did they set goals? How did they manage their time? How did they memorize information? Manage stress? Keep a positive outlook? 

This qualitative data provided the sort of depth that led to the distillation of 13 key areas that affect student performance.

Since the initial research, Elevate has continued to benchmark student habits and stay up to date with the best practices among students attending the 1800+ high schools that Elevate works with today.

For more information on our research and how we use it to develop the country's top performers, get in contact with a program coordinator today.

Post-seminar support

Elevate's support doesn't end at the conclusion of the seminar. Schools are provided with in-class activity and implementation kits so that teachers can integrate the skills into their specific subjects. Furthermore, Elevate runs informative faculty seminars, which bring the staff and faculty up to speed on best practice and Elevate's methodology so that a unified study skills message is delivered to students school-wide. Talk to a program coordinator today to find out how we can help.

Online support

Your students guided through the student portal (coming soon) which guides them through all aspects of study technique, exam preparation, and more. Students are given opportunities to ask questions which are answered by past top performing students so that support and help can continue beyond the classroom.

Email one of our program coordinators or call us at (201) 721 8564 to find out more about our programs.